Architectural Photography

Taking skills I learned about photography and applying it to buildings, interior, and decorations.  Work with a Real Estate agent got my foot in this door.  Some  of the images …………. more to come


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Making a good photo great! Let me do the work.

Photography and the expensive software with some Professional training would help someone make their own art for their walls at home or work.  Framed photographs on the wall will change the feel of your environment.  A conversation piece for someone new in your home or office.  A photograph out of  your digital camera can look good or satisfying for that matter even bad.  Corrections can be made after the fact which may represent what was really there. A example, photos from your camera will display dark shadows in the foreground or on peoples faces we tend or ignore or delete images. The Information is on the image card, but in the wrong place. Corrections can be made with today’s software. Remember the sunset that looked good in back of the camera, but when you got home photo file looks bad or OK on a computer screen.  Photo adjusting software with a one’s eye can correct all adjustments needed to show what was really there (what I charge for).  Taking a photo from one state to the point I think is correct.  If you like my style, we both win. Do you  have a image you think is special?  Don’t know where to start ?Let me guide you. You may have the skill, but never get it done.  I may inspire you with a phone consultation.  Most don’t want to do the work. Give me a chance to make corrections or make it ready for print to be framed.  The cool part is it’s Free! Yes, I am a dirt cheap photographer.  The relationship of me being your professional photographer is about making you and your company look good.  This is a skill I want to challenge.


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Treasure in a Photo

I found the rod during snorkling at the bar.

back lit scene bring out the shadows

A photo is nothing but Information within a file that can have a treasure in it.  What we see in the back of the screen on our camera is called a Jpeg (jay-peg).   It decides colors and contrast for a staring point for us to see in back of our camera.  Sometimes it get it wrong or with errors, but the Information is in the file.  With skilled eyes and software knowledge on a hi quality screen Mac or PC monitor,  near perfect corrections can be made to image file to bring out your treasure.   The eye is amazing tool when using it with photography software to make the proper adjustment to a photo file.  A photo with shadows on ones face with no detail- bad photo. Let a photographer turn it into a treasure.  Shooting a Raw File (containing unprocessed, or undeveloped, data) on most higher end cameras can give you more information to work with or collect.  All Raw Images need to be work processed with special software. A raw image appears flat and dull on the computer monitor, but looks great on back of camera.  Bottom line most Jpeg formats from the passed can use color correction in most cases.  Have a trained eye with software skills to process your photography. I will take  your images to the studio and exercise my skills to the best of my knowledge.  Turning  photos into you like to ones you love-

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